You Need To Know What is Suncity Exim?

Suncity Exim is a FMCG and Electricals goods trading company helping those who are seeking trade distinction for export business around the globe. We are based in Gujarat, India.

Since past many years, we have served over many clients. We have evolved as a market leader who understands the market needs and delivers beyond expectations.

What Suncity Exim does?

Business of Import Export Activities, Sourcing Engineering And Electronics Materials, FMCG, Source Material Electrical Goods, Source Material, Source Material Precision Metal Components.

We are into the business of import / export activities in the whole world. We are experience of sourcing various materials (specially Engineering and Electronics) and are extremely well-versed with customs formalities over here. We have a very good knowledge of Indian market and can source any items, any time for you from here (However small your requirements be).

We can source material like All Electronic Components and Instruments and all FMCG products from India. If you have kind of requirement wherein you need to source different types of components, we can be of great help to you. We can source various components, combine them into one shipment and then send it to you. This will certainly save your precious time and also money.

Our Mission
What we think

Build lasting value for the customers, employees and society by enriching lives through sustainable solutions and a world-class product range.
To have satisfied employees working towards the Company’s objectives and to have prosperous business partners who share the Company’s vision.

Our Vision
What we see

To achieve global recognitions leading players in FMCG and Electrical sectors through highest quality products that ensure highest customer satisfaction.
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